Bus Body Building – Hard body v Normal Body

We carry out our bus body production process effectively and make sure that no possibility of any flaws remains. The entire production stages are carried out smoothly under expert supervision to make sure the clients’ requisites are met within the stipulated time-frame. The production goes flawless which assure superior quality, durability and higher performing capability of the output bus body. […] Continue Reading

Bus Body Building – Bus Leakages Issue

As travellers we set foot on many buses throughout the year and many are fantastically made however we do always find some that are known for their leakages and poor customer service. As a bus body builder it is pivotal to make sure that there are no leakages in the roof and that the structure is intact. There is thorough […] Continue Reading

Bus Manufacturers Tanzania – Malva Bus Body Builders

Malva has a comprehensive and versatile product range for every aspect and application of modern bus operation. Catering to a variety of client requirements Malva offers minibuses, large luxury and semi-luxury buses, school buses, off-road buses, lorries, trucks, special builds and much more. Our aim is a project based on teamwork that, through the continued satisfaction of people, clients, external partners […] Continue Reading

Mini Bus Body Builder – New 2012 Mini Bus

Malva will soon be putting up their newest arrival of 2012 that is a top quality Mini bus. This Mini bus costs more than a Large bus so you can imagine the precision and workmanship going into producing such a machine. Anyways keep posted and I’ll put up pictures of when this new Mini bus is ready for launch!!

Bus Manufacturer Kenya – VW Chassis

The Volksbus 17.210 OD chassis has been designed with developing countries in mind. It is therefore appropriate that the Volksbus uses the proven Explorer bodywork concept designed by MAN Bus & Coach in South Africa, which also incorporates the latest German technology, to produce a complete bus solution that is safe, efficient and reliable. Combined with the philosophy of simplicity […] Continue Reading

Bus Body Builders Kenya – Importance of choosing the right bus chassis

We all have different personalities, different perceptions about how we  think and see and how we behave in today’s society. We all also have different needs and more importantly decide differently too. But today we’ll help you and guide you in closing the gap between choosing it right or choosing the wrong when it comes to buses and its chassis. […] Continue Reading

Bus Body Builders Kenya – Choosing the right bus body builder

We all know how important and pivotal it is to choose the right body and more importantly the right body builder for your bus or truck.Bus Body building is more like art too, the more experienced the company the better technology and innovation in the design and also with the base work. Nowadays we see new companies springing around but […] Continue Reading

Nissan UD Buses – Bus Manufacturers Kenya

The name “UD Trucks Corporation” comes from the phrase “ultimate dependability.” The letters “UD” represented a two-cycle engine developed in 1955, the uniflow scavenging diesel engine, and from these letters originated the red circular trademark. These letters today stand for “ultimate dependability,” representing the corporate philosophy. The adoption of the traditional UD letters in the company name represents the companies […] Continue Reading

Mini Bus Manufacturer Kenya – Bus Body Builder

With more than 40 years experience, we are one of the finest manufacturers of after-market minibuses in the East African Region. Our minibuses are manufactured on a wide range of major motor manufacturers’ base vehicles and so to start your enquiry just choose your preferred make of vehicle. From Isuzu, Nissan, Scania and many more! Malva Coach Builders provide minibus conversions built on […] Continue Reading