Bus Body Builder Congo

Malva has been manufacturing buses for Congo for over the last decade now. Due to the terrain in Congo Malva’s hard body buses have been a huge hit with the local bus operators.
A huge section of Congo is still tarmacked which means the buses have to negate the rough terrains daily. We are known to produce buses for the rough roads as our body work is the best around for such terrains. We pride ourselves in building reliable buses and coaches for Congo. Each bus is designed around the customer’s requirements in terms of seating, height, windows and design too.
We will combine our experience in bus manufacturing together with the latest technology at our hands to produce buses of very high quality and very strong indeed.

All our buses destined to Congo are tested thoroughly as they pass through the various stages of production. From the delivery of the chassis to the final checks, we make sure the bus totally fits the needs and requirements as set by the customer.

Malva’s cheif objective in Africa is to create a growing awareness of our quality vehicles provided to at excellent value. We aim to beat any price quoted by our competitors.

The Malva bus range includes Midi bus, School/Charter bus, Off Road bus and Luxury and semi luxury bus as well as the Deluxe bus range. Our range of buses are available to be customised or modified to suit different requirements, from schools, mining specifications, route and charter operations as well as offering options to suit disabled passenger accessibility.

Malva’s design philosophy was about adhering to all the design regulations, customer specifications and market requirements by using the latest tools, materials, methods and technologies available to us. Our bus bodies are all jig built via a combo of steel sections which all come together to form a tough resistant body built to last. All our in-house manufacturing is based on top industry standards as our aim is to maintain the standard of quality and performance that our manufactured buses provide.

So if you’re looking for a Bus body builder or bus manufacturer then look no further then Malva. We will prove ourselves to be the best value for money bus body builders for you.