Bus Body Builder Sudan – Bus Manufacturer

Malva is a name that represents high quality, safety, groundbreaking technology and futuristic bus designs. Malva has in its portfolio a fine list of buses from off road buses travelling thousands of miles daily to the short haul buses going from one suburb to another.

Malva was incorporated in the 70s and since then we have manufactured many high quality buses for the East African market. Sudan is an emerging market for the buses too as due to its terrain the off-road buses have been a big success there.

We have diversified into several different manufacturing outlets from the initial Buses to trailers, to canter vans and lorries now. So if you’re in Sudan and are looking for a reliable, flexible and a trust-worthy bus manufacturer then just think ” MALVA”

Malva is continuously making its name in the bus body building industry. In a span of 4 decades, we have served many transport giants across East Africa. We as a company understand the changes our society is going through and manufactures buses which suit to these modern times. We built buses that last and when anyone talks about Malva, they know its about strength and durability.

Our utmost objective is to make sure that passengers should feel comfortable and secure while travelling in buses without compromising on the quality of buses. We offer buses to Sudan which are aesthetic, comfortable, safe and durable. Apart from these qualities, timely delivery & competitive rates are also guaranteed at Malva.