Bus Body Builders Kenya – Choosing the right bus body builder

We all know how important and pivotal it is to choose the right body and more importantly the right body builder for your bus or truck.Bus Body building is more like art too, the more experienced the company the better technology and innovation in the design and also with the base work. Nowadays we see new companies springing around but do they have the experience and technology that the old ones possess? Experience is the key when it comes to body building for Buses or Trucks. There are several factors one should consider before choosing the body builder for their buses? First is research on them, background and also more importantly talk to fellow bus companies to get a better judgement on whose good and whose not. Sometimes the outside might look good on the bus with fancy and flashy designs but what’s the point in that when body rusts or begins to break mere 6 months? We have had experience of this when customers comes to us with buses built by other body builders and not happy with the fact that they paid millions and got such a shady job on the bus. So I’ll say again research, ask around  and talk to fellow bus companies as the most important thing in the bus is the body that has to be strong. Anyone can copy and create flashy designs on the buses but longevity on the bus means everything to the customer. We pride ourselves to be known in this field as the very best when it comes to the body of the bus. Talk to what our customers have to say about us and then make your judgement!

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