Bus Body Builders Kenya – Importance of choosing the right bus chassis

We all have different personalities, different perceptions about how we  think and see and how we behave in today’s society. We all also have different needs and more importantly decide differently too. But today we’ll help you and guide you in closing the gap between choosing it right or choosing the wrong when it comes to buses and its chassis. Now ask yourself, have you researched enough? are you happy with what information the bus builder or the bus company has provided you?

In today’s fast growing world sales and closing the deals are very important for target driven salesmen at various companies so beware that you know everything rather then sweet talked into tie-ing the deal. Now when it comes to choosing the bus chassis you have look at several factors, price, reliability, dependability, longevity and value.

We see price nowadays as being the vital factor in choosing the bus chassis but please don’t forget that anything that is too good to be true is indeed to good to be true! If someone offers you a VW Chassis at 7million and you know that a Nissan Diesel costs around 9m then think again practically of the reason why the price gap? Well there could be many factors here, is VW a road worthy bus in Africa? Don’t forget the terrain in Africa is very rigid and due to the climate conditions chassis like VW will not last here at all. So think again, its better to buy the best then buy cheap and regret! VW spare parts are expensive too whereas  if we look at Isuzu or Nissan they are not hard to get hold of.

Now reliability, how reliable will the chassis be? on a long distance or a short distance? Experience has taught us the best chassis are the Nissan UD. They have been put on test for a long time and always come on top, the Isuzu chassis are quite brilliant too..Also watch out for the New Mitsubishi Fuso chassis to be launched very soon! A bit of tip for all your bus lovers out there in Kenya, when choosing a chassis try to talk to the bus owners/ bus companies operating there like Vanga, Spider, Falcon etc and get advise from them on what runs best and what runs the longest. Look at their fleet of buses to judge for yourself in what they think is best for the roads. Don’t just believe if its cheap its good! VW is a newest addition to the Kenyan bus chassis industry but in our opinion it’s not road worthy and will not last at all so stay away from this rather follow the standards set by GM, CMC, Simba Colt to name a few, they know what works in Africa as they have tried and tested whereas the new companies like VW have no market experience at all.

Please email us if you want more info and indepth details about this, we’re always happy to help!