Bus Body Builders Kenya – Bus Structure

We have all heard to often about what has been one of the biggest issues of bus manufacturing that is leakages reported by passengers.
In the recent few years this problem has been growing for a number of fabricators such as Master and Banbros where the public outcry
has been quite obvious against their manufactured buses such as Dreamline, Spanish respectively. Now why is this happening and what
can be done and should be done to stop it? I think solitary measure are needed for this problem to stop, like structural improvement
in how those companies manufacture their buses and how the joints are sealed. They should also impose a special team to cross check
and make sure all cracks on the bus are filled and then carry out a water test to prove otherwise.

I feel sometimes when bus companies attache fibre glass materials on the bus or chinese interior they might not be sealed properly to the
roof or that the specifications for the interior from the chinese companies don’t match that specified on the bus hence the space is created
and then not sealed properly to the roof. I still think having a water pressure on the bus structure after the final stages is very
important to stop such a problem from happening again.

What do you guys think is the problem and how can it be rectified?