Bus Body Builders Kenya – Malva Coach

We are aware that during the last two decades, there has been an exponential growth in the number of automobiles in Kenya. The rate of the growth is manifold in personalized vehicles as compared to public transport vehicles. Unfortunately, number of roads and road space has not increased in tandem with the growth of vehicular population. This situation has posed a serious challenge to Road Safety and Environment. During the last 20 years, efforts are on, under the aegis of Ministry of Shipping, Road Transport & Highways to bring in new regulations to enhance safety. To a greater extent, we are successful in enhancing the safety provisions in all categories of automobiles, except Bus Bodies and Truck Bodies built on drive away chassis. We are aware that, Bus Body Building and Truck Body Building is carried out not only by a few well organized sectors but also largely by Small scale industries and even road side garages. There is a need to implement Bus body code and Bus Body Building Accreditation System to ensure building of buses as per the stipulated safety norms. In order to implement Bus Body Builders Accreditation System, there is a need to establish a proper system for the effective implementation.

let us know what you think is a way to minimize the accidents and what you think should be the safety procedure of the buses before they get on the road?