Bus Body Building – Hard body v Normal Body

We carry out our bus body production process effectively and make sure that no possibility of any flaws remains. The entire production stages are carried out smoothly under expert supervision to make sure the clients’ requisites are met within the stipulated time-frame. The production goes flawless which assure superior quality, durability and higher performing capability of the output bus body.

Also, we are backed by constant supply of quality raw material procured from reliable vendors along with committed team of employs which makes it easier to complete the production and deliver the final output within the agreed time-frame. Quality and durability are given extreme importance throughout the production process, which has gained us our clientele’s trust and appreciation for our final output bus bodies.

Now we come to what we term as hard body or Normal body? Hard body as we state is strong and extra fabrication of the body to withstand the rough terrain and roads. Generally in Kenya these bodies are built for customers plying the northern route or routes where the road structure is not in place. Malva is the BEST in making the hard bodies for the last couple of decades and has an existing customer base that is getting stronger and stronger. One should understand why and what a strong body is for and why only MALVA has mastered the art and not other body builders? The answer is profit/revenue, to make a hard body takes extra time, extra steel etc and therefore the price of the bus is high too in comparison to the normal bus. In this day and age when profit is everything then why compromise on the body? Many body builders will say yes the building a hard body but do not deliver. One should understand it takes far longer to complete a hard body bus then a normal one. The height and width too is greater compared to the standard buses.

Now let me give you an example below of what we call a hard body bus: Sabrin, Zafex, Dayah, Desert Cruiser are all prime example of what a hard body looks like. One can call and talk to these companies and find out why Malva builds the best of the hard bodies in the market! We want our work to do that talking and be appreciated too.