Bus Manufacturer Kenya – VW Chassis

The Volksbus 17.210 OD chassis has been designed with developing countries in mind. It is therefore appropriate that the Volksbus uses the proven Explorer bodywork concept designed by MAN Bus & Coach in South Africa, which also incorporates the latest German technology, to produce a complete bus solution that is safe, efficient and reliable. Combined with the philosophy of simplicity built into the Volksbus chassis, this body development creates an unbeatable combination. In addition, the high ground clearance makes this vehicle ideal for the challenging African operating

Now the same chassis are going to be imported into Kenya for the kenyan market and our first thought was will they be able to handle the terrain? VW might need to research that the East African terrain is not for chassis that has been tried and tested in South Africa as there is great contrast between the road network there and in Kenya. I am not mistaken CMC has VW chassis and they did not do too well and there are several reasons for it. We too tested the chassis upon its arrival in Kenya and did not find it road worthy as most of the customers/clients complained about the chassis being too narrow and not at all suitable for long distance so my advise will be to talk to the ones who have bought this then make a decision of either buying it or buying something better and stronger!

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