Nissan CB 31 Bus – Bus Manufacturer Kenya

Key features include:

  • Non turbo charged
  • Bus body option of a seating capacity of up to 62 passengers
  • Proven track record as the bus model of choice for long distance operation
  • Most popular for school, college and universities with our special value added package – monthly or quarterly payments, your own design color and sign writing at no extra cost, 6 months check up on seat belts and governors, driver training and basic maintenance course and 1 year warranty

This is a bus built by us couple of years ago and still is on the homepages of CMC as the pinnacle of bus building. We do not copy bus designs from magazines or internet but in fact base ourselves upon originality. Most of the other bus builders are keen on duplicating most of the westernised buses but what is the point of that when there’s no creativity or innovation in that. We’re in Africa so build for Africa.