Nissan Diesel model CB46SXN – Bus Manufacturers Kenya

Nissan Diesel model CB46SXN is supplied from UD truck corporation in CKD format. The units are assembled here in KVM as either standard (short) or long chassis as required by the customer. The bus has options for a seating capacity of up to 67 passengers.

Make Nissan Diesel
Country of origin Japan
Type PE6T in-line turbo charged diesel engine, 4-cycle, direct injection.
Number of cylinders 6
Total piston displacement 11670cc (712.1
Max. gross output (JIS) 285 HP at 2200 rpm
Max. gross torque (JIS) 1079Nm(110kg.m) at 1300 rpm
Make and model Nissan Diesel motor MTS60T
Type 6 forward speeds, 1 reverse, synchromesh 2nd to 6th gears, constant mesh on 1st and reverse gears
Clutch Single dry plate, fitted with hydraulically operated air assisted booster mechanism
Front axle Reversed Elliot “I” Beam
Front Suspension Semi-elliptic leaf springs for unpaved roads
Rear axle Full floating pressed steel banjo housing fitted with stabilizer
Rear Suspension Semi-elliptic leaf springs for unpaved roads
Shock absorbers Telescopic type shock absorbers fitted at front and rear.
Horn Air type
Steering Recirculating ball screw type with a hydraulic power assistance
Braking system Full air brake on all wheels, dual air line system, internal expanding leading and trailing shoe type
Parking break Pneumatically controlled
Fuel Tank Capacity: 400 litres with lockable fuel tank cap
Tire size 295/80R 22.5 (Tubeless type)
Chassis frame High tensile carbon manganese steel chasis frame reinforced to meet tough roads
Electrical system
Battery 120AH, 12-Volts, 2 pieces
Headlights Sealed beam 4 lamps
Cooling system Water cooled fitted with intercooler system
Wheel Base Approximately 6470
Overall Length 11085mm
Overall Width 2470mm
Overall Height 2100mm
Permissible gross vehicle weight 16000kg