Scania Bus Chassis Kenya

Scania buses and coaches are renowned for their outstanding operating economy. Each component is engineered to heighten the performance of the vehicle and set world-class standards for fuel economy, driveability, road handling, reliability and uptime. Every model can be customised to ensure that you get the best solution possible – in terms of passenger capacity, seating plans, comfort levels and other key criteria – for the transport task in hand.

Our range begins with an economical 9-litre, 270 hp engine, through to a popular 11-litre 330 hp. At the top end we offer the Scania Higer A 80, which has an 11-litre 380 hp engine, for operators who are looking for  a high-powered coach for effortless performance accompanied by outstanding luxury and comfort.

As with safety and comfort, fuel economy, driveability, and reliability have always been a hallmark of Scania buses and coaches. Scania has over 90 years of experience in developing and manufacturing buses, and is today one of the world’s leaders in the segment of heavy buses.