School Bus Manufacturer Kenya

Malva sets the standard for school transportation with its full line of school bus products: the Standard Isuzu chassis school bus to the  American transit-style school bus, the Scania  conventional school bus, and the ever so popular Mini-bus school bus. With varying vehicle sizes, capacities, fuel choices, and engine types, this range of school bus product options ensures that customers may tailor their transportation solutions to their specific needs.

What’s more, the combination of Malva’s purpose-built engineering, durable construction, and dedicated sales and service support offers customers unmatched value over the entire life of the Malva school bus line. Malva products are solely designed to transport people rather than freight; with this guiding purpose, we unite our trademark “Malva” elements such as our one-piece roof bows and unitized construction with a careful selection of quality components specifically designed to maximize passenger protection and vehicle reliability with optimized efficiency. These rigorous standards deliver higher uptime, lower maintenance and repair costs, and extended years over the lifetime of the Malva school bus, providing the best in value in the school bus market.

Malva Coach Builders Ltd

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