Isuzu Chassis- NQR (33 Seater)

The legendary ISUZU attention to detail is evident in every facet of the NQR design, from engine down to the suspension. This 33-seater bus is built with an exceptionally strong 4HF1 engine for intra-town service. The engine also has low emissions that make it a true friend to the environment. The suspension system, featuring long span leaf springs, is built to […] Continue Reading

Isuzu Bus – FRR Chassis (40-51seater)

FRR offers the same reliability, comfort and convenience that has given the F series a worldwide reputation for outstanding performance. With a fuel efficient yet powerful 6HH1 N diesel engine, it has remarkable power to spare, at the same time keeping costs down and performance up. Not to mention, the advanced diesel technology of this 6-cylinder engine helps to reduce emissions. It […] Continue Reading

Isuzu MV-123 Chassis

MV123 offers transport solutions where long and short distance travel is involved. With a powerhouse churning 270 HP and 980 Nm of torque, the 6SD1.TC, 9839 cubic centimeter displacement engine, with intercooler turbo, this bus is not only highly economical, but also an amazing performer. Ruggedness and robustness of the MV123 starts with the reinforced chassis, which facilitates the mounting of a wide […] Continue Reading

Investing in an Isuzu bus?

In the city, in the country, from home, to work, students, employees, the general public, whatever the destination, whoever the passengers, when it comes to reliable and dependable transportation, one bus features prominently as the number one choice…the ISUZU bus. ISUZU is the leading GMEA brand, famous for its durability, reliability and cost effectiveness. The powerful, low emission engines and amazing fuel […] Continue Reading

Bus Manufacturing Kenya – Isuzu

Isuzu is one of the leading bus and truck manufacturers, Isuzu manufacture medium and heavy duty bus and trucks. Isuzu buses are known for their powerful diesel engines and the durable bodies. Because of its less sales Isuzu had to stop its cars and SUV line in US. Isuzu still is a big player in the truck and bus manufacturing industry. Isuzu […] Continue Reading