Our company is cooperating with the government when it comes to protecting students, by making sure that every school bus in Kenya will be painted yellow. It is expected that by the end of 2018, this law is already followed by every educational institution, to ensure a safe daily commute and reduce the number of annual road accidents involving pupils.

All school buses must be painted yellow before March 30, 2018. Failure to comply might result to punishment. With that, our company is currently providing rush painting solutions for buses that need color makeover. We use high-quality materials and tools to produce successful services that will help MALVA have a better branding in the future.

Clients can reach us through Telephone: 020-2640868 / 0728174197, Email: Sales@Malvabus.com, Fax: 020-530333, or you can visit us at Pate Road, Off Lunga Lunga, Nairobi.

Additional school bus can be also purchased in MALVA. We manufacture quality buses of different kinds, including a school bus with passenger protection built-ins. Our corporate goals (History and Solidity, Safety, Customer Oriented Strategy, Service, Commitment Towards the Environment) are carefully implemented in everything we do, including our products.

As for school buses, we double our efforts and pay close attention to the material used, to secure a strong foundation before delivering the final product. After-sales services are also given to build a stronger relationship with our clients.

We support the importance of school buses because:

  • Children are more likely to arrive at school safe and early when they are being transported by a school bus every day.
  • Overtime, many manufacturers are producing reliable school buses equipped with traffic control devices that normal vehicles do not have. Most buses are expected to be designed this way, because student passengers are at risk when they get on and off the bus. Previous accidents involved motorists illegally driving through open bus doors. To reduce the risk, stop indicators are designed like the flashing lights and the stop arm.
  • The yellow color has been considered as the most distinguished color there is. It is accompanied with black linings and letterings that defines where the bus belongs to. The color is widely known to the public which gives drivers the signal to drive with caution when they spot one. It is also the reason why the school bus is considered as the safest vehicle on the road in some parts of the globe.
  • When school bus rules are neglected, strict penalties are enforced.
  • Its design has more to offer. In fact, it protects passengers from impact. If a manufacturer follows the appropriate structure, it must have horizontal full-length impact rails to keep the passengers intact and avoid being ejected. Every seat must have seat-belts too.
  • Its drivers undergo a special training before they can officially drive a school bus. They are equipped with knowledge that they will need in transporting pupils, especially in emergency situations.

Yellow school buses might be everywhere yet some of them still lack safety designs. To ensure that your school bus is in its best form, take time to communicate with our team that will happily talk with you.