Company History

Malva is a Kenyan bus and coach manufacturing company, employing around 100+ people at facilities in the Nairobi and across East Africa.The fastest growing bus and coach builder in East Africa.  Malva produces a wide range of innovative and fuel efficient, semi luxury to luxury buses plus a full portfolio of coaches, welfare and mini buses. We also specialise in truck and van fabrication.Malva products offer real operator,  passenger and environment benefits, all backed by an unswerving commitment to world class customer support.

The company has increasingly becoming a major and preferred producer of strong high quality buses throughout East Africa after all longevity is very important when it comes to buses. We believe in giving the best to the customer rather then manufacturing buses that do not last at all.

The company was born in the 1970’s and ever since has grown from strength to strength producing the best bodies regionally:

  • We build minibuses, medium and large buses, carrying capacities ranging from 29-67 seats
  • We build according to specifications that conform to customer requirements and to the requirements of KBS.
  • We also have complete brand new buses which are ready for purchase.

We believe every production system has to be followed in stages until totality where the final product is that of pristine quality and upmost matches the requirements of the customers. With over 40 years experience in building coaches and buses for the discerning, your customers  will appreciate the care and attention which goes into designing, engineering, delivering and supporting every one of our products.

Come visit us and see for yourself the dedication we have put into the art we’ve mastered….