Corporate Values

Our aim is a project based on teamwork that, through the continued satisfaction of people, clients, external partners and our surroundings (society and the environment), obtains benefits that make it possible to have growth that generates wealth and new jobs in a cooperative framework with communication, freedom and responsibility.

History and solidity

Throughout our history, Malva has been a pioneering company that has displayed a tremendous ability to adapt to social and economic changes, opting for innovation as a key element within our strategy. Today, we are a business project that after 40 years, continues to grow and consolidate.


Safety is an aspect that is highly valued by our clients, and it´s also the most important premise in all of our projects. Both passive and active safety are a top priority in the design and creation of our products, investing whatever is necessary in order to be leaders in these aspects.

Customer oriented strategy

Malva´s main strategy is to “BUILD CUSTOMER LOYALTY” by meeting demands, derived from key values that include Safety, Service, Reliability, and a Customer Oriented Focus, always within a framework of constant innovation.


Malva offers personalised attention and an important after-sales service that is able to resolve any client incident, as well as a modern logistical centre from which spare parts are supplied wherever they are needed.

Commitment towards the environment

Sustainability and respecting the environment are an unwavering dogma in the production processes of all our manufacturing facilities.