UD NU41 Chassis – Bus Manufacturer Kenya

Make and model Nissan Diesel motor, FD46
Type 4-cycle, direct injection, water cooled, in-line diesel engine
Number of cylinders 4
Total piston displacement 4617 cm3
Max gross output (JIS) 125 HP at 3000 rpm
Max gross torque (JIS) 33 kg-m at 1800 rpm
Steering Recirculating ball screw type with hydraulic power assisistance
Braking System Hydraulic brake with tandemmaster vacuum dual line system.
Internal expanding leading and trailing shoe type
Front spring Semi-elliptic leaf springs with anchor at front and shackle at rear
Rear springs Semi-elliptic two stage leaf springs with anchor at front and shackle at rear
Tyres and rims
Tyres 750 R 16
Wheels and rims Pressed steel
Fuel tank 100 litres
Electrical system
Generator 24-volt-35 amp, alternator
Starter motor 24-volt 5.0kW
Fuel injection pump Bosch A-type in line plunger
Clutch Dry single plate, hydraulically operate clutch release mechanism
Front axle Reverse Elliot “I” beam
Rear axle Full-floating, pressed steel banjo housing
Permissible Gross Vehicle Weight (GVW) 7000
Front axle capacity 2800
Rear axle capacity 5500
Wheel base 3795 mm
Overall length (OW) 6555 mm
Overall width (OW) 2010 mm
Overall height (OH) 2190 mm