Bus Body Builder Uganda

As you might have noticed there are lack of quality Bus body builders found in Uganda as compared to Kenya.
It is why many Ugandan buses are fabricated in Kenya. Malva is a top Kenyan bus manufacturer that builds
quality buses for the Ugandan market. It’s bodies range from mini buses to large luxury passenger buses.
Malva is backed by a team of proficient engineers with extensive range of experience in the art of bus making.
We produce an extensive range of bus bodies for the Ugandan market and Malva is constantly striving for
excellence and setting the standards in the bus body building industry.

We have served Uganda for over 4 decades and continue in doing so. Malva pride in being a top bus body builder of
sophisticated range of City Buses, Moffusil Buses, School Buses, Mini Buses, Election Buses, and Ultra Luxury Grand Travels.
For all qualitative production, we have a quality analysis department who check the buses after the post production to
meet the industry standards. Malva makes the strongest bodies due the rigorous stages of production which guarantees
longer life to all its manufactured buses.

At Malva, we also have a team of skilled laborers, engineers, project management personnel, etc. We effeciently manage our production house,
wherein we have installed latest machinery and implemented upgraded technology to create state of the art bus designs and strong bus